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Amit Shah lost Telangana people`s attention

Amit Shah lost Telangana people`s attention

Ch.V.Prabhakar Rao,
Educationist & Senior journalist.

BJP`s national president has aimed next general elections in general and A.P, Telanagna and Karnataka assembly polls in particular, and spreading the hatred communalism in these south Indian states. As usual the BJP and RSS believe and implement the higher caste philosophy and lower caste slavery theories of sage Manu.

Originally the Jan Sangh`s political and economical philosophy also capitalistic and monarchic form of governments. Present BJP is in its new format political party blended with RSS Hidutva ideology.

All the southern states are self existed and have its own culture and history varied from North Indian culture and traditions. Now the RSS lead BJP with many hidden agendas, eyed the self respected southern ethnic groups to yield for political gains.

Past three years of BJP lead NDA rule pulls down all the powers of the states against the decentralisation policy. Replace of planning commission by Neethi Ayog is nothing but over ruling the states. General Sales Tax (GST) may good for some industrial houses, but it curbs the economical powers of the states.

After GST come into fully operational status, the states have to kneel down before the central government for minimum essential funds. The theory of GST and Neethi Ayog or many other policies of the NDA government are against decentralisation policy and leads to authoritarian rule.

The Indian constitution says that the central is only a federal form of government and it should give more freedom, in ruling, to states. In the congress party ruling period, being the same party in central and states lost their independence and moved like a subordinate king.

The raise of regional parties pulled the congress to the ground and demanded necessary funds and grants from the central government. After a long period of thirty and more years the NDA has come into power and legally and carefully dragging all the state powers onto their hands. Tomorrow, if the NDA wins the southern states and centre in forthcoming general elections, really it may be the rule of Chandra Gupta Mourya or take any other name to symbolise the imperial government of good olden days.

The new entrepreneur waits for no time and rushes to reach his goal without any conventions or other managerial skills. At present the BJP is also running to pillar and post to make whole the Indian nation as its own kingdom.
The BJP has come into power by their own mistakes of the congress and other opposition parties. In democracy, it is but natural to gain or lose power, any party or leader can seek vote from people.

Congress party tried to retain its monopoly for more than 50 years with a small interval of Janata Party rule. Now, the BJP has come into power by its own, off course the other old National Democratic Alliance (NDA) parties also share the power, as friendly nature.

But the BJP heads dreams that the nation has come into their clutches as in the good olden days of Mourya kings or Moghals or Britishers invasion. Reasons best known to all, BJP has won with thumping majority in the lost few elections, in North Indian states.

The BJP`s national president Amith Sha touring the South India to prepare the party cadre for the next general elections. As a party president he has every right to encourage his party workers and fill enthusiasm in them to pull the other party cadre and fight elections.

Everyone knows that the North Indian Hippocratic dominating nature can`t be tolerated in the south. Generally, the south Indian political map is different from the north. Even in 1977, after the emergency period the congress lost in north, but the congress withstand in south. In 1978 assembly elections the A.P. and Karnataka stood behind congress party and in Tamil Nadu as usual the regional party came into power. In Kerala also the congress lead UDF came into power.

Forgetting the history the BJP chief Amith Sha behaved alike monarch in his Telangana tour. He told that the central government has given one lakh rupees to the Telangana state for development of the state. Central government has given the amount, but from where, for what purpose the amount has given, has given not clarified by him. The natural justified share of the states, as part of the planning commissions guidelines the central releases the funds to states. To the fact the central will release the meagre funds than actually required for state. Many a times the states demands for release of funds in time to complete their developmental programmes.

Whatever the funds the central government releases to states are their justified natural share from the taxes collected from the states. It is an estimate by economists that the central reanalyse the collected funds to states a meagre of 30% of its tax collections.

Now a day’s most of the state development programmes are formalised by the centre and states have lost freedom in taking up a new developmental programmes, especially in social welfare schemes.

The centre has forgotten the decentralisation theory and centralising all the developmental activities and programmes and dictating terms to state governments. The centre has chosen the away of monarchic form of government and discouraging the states to act on their own. The central funds can get only, when the state heads are in line of the central government.

The central government heads should not forget that they are only trustees of the national funds. They are not allocating the funds to the states as a charity. The central allocate, whatever the funds, to the states, only on the merit of their developmental works and their needs. The states are eligible to get their equal natural share of funds from the central government income as per the constitutional provisions.

The political interests are different from national interest. No political leader has the right to misguide and mislead the state public with wrong statistics.

Telangana government has its own social and general development programmes to achieve their pre decided goal of Bangaru telangana. It has innovative developmental plans like Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagertha, subsidy loans for vocational and traditional trades like sheep and goat rearing, fish forming and input subsidy of Rs.4000/- for every acre agriculture farming ryots. The above are only a few of its innovative schemes and programmes.

The government has granted lakhs of pensions for old age people, single persons, and differently able persons. To keep the pride of the girl child the government has formulated Kalyana Laxmi and Shadhi mubharak schemes. The Chief Minister Chandra Shekar Rao knows that, apart from all schemes and subsidies, educational facilities only can change the face of the state. For better educational facilities to all needy and below poverty line children the government has established more than 650 residential schools and about 200 residential junior colleges apart from the old institutions.

Double bed room housing scheme, may be going slow,is a unique in the country. It will give a social security to the family apart from all government aids.

BJP national chief Amith Sha`s three days tour in Telangana may not procure his desire results and the Telangana people are more rationalised than they looks. They can visualise the target behind the words of the political leaders and their attitudes through their high rational magnitude. Amith Sha`s tour and speeches may go in the air like many other local opposition leaders roaring’s.

Ch V Prabhakar Rao.
Senior Journalist & Educationist.
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