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Amity student wins gold medal in USA during I-SWEEEP Olympiad

New Delhi: Vaishali Tikoo, a Class 12 student of Amity International School, has become the only Indian student to win gold medal in 9th Annual I-SWEEEP (International Sustainable Energy Engineering Environment Project) Olympiad held in Houston, Texas, USA.

She achieved this laurel in the Engineering Category for her project ‘Novel Instrument to detect learning disability in Children’ along with a cash prize of 750 dollars.

She was also honored with the Special Award for energy day by the Consumer Energy Alliance.

Tikoo formulated a concept to detect learning disability in children, which later led to the development of an instrument.

For the process of her research, she worked with never dying compassion and enthusiasm to help the learning disability children.

Wanting to test the applicability of her idea, she consulted various professors, psychologists and special educators to get guidance for the development of her idea into a project. Later on, she collaborated with Amity University, to formulate her concept into an instrument.

She first represented her project in the Regional Indian Science and Engineering Fair (INSEF), organized by the Science Society of India, held in the school premises of Amity itself, in which she was awarded the Gold medal.

This further took her to the national level of the fair, the Indian National Science and Engineering Fair, which was held in Rajkot in early 2016, wherein after winning the gold medal, she qualified to represent India in I-SWEEEP.

Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson of Amity International Schools, called upon students to participate in similar events globally so that their horizon of knowledge is widened.

I-SWEEEP is an innovative science fair wherein the brightest STEM-focused minds from across the nation and worldwide participate and celebrate innovation in research and science. It connects people and prepares students for future roles out in the real world.

Renowned scientists, professors and industry leaders across the world are invited to interact and enrich young student scientists.

This year, over 385 highly qualified from 62 countries were displayed at the George R. Brown Convention Center in which 564 young high school researchers and 300 teachers traveled to Houston for this remarkable event.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to meet other students from different parts of the world while seeing that they are not alone in their commitment to find solutions to the globe’s sustainability problems. (ANI)