Andhra rulers creating hurdles in irrigation projects of Telangana: Narasimha Reddy

Andhra rulers creating hurdles in irrigation projects of Telangana: Narasimha Reddy

Hyderabad: Home Minister of Telangana State, Mr. N. Narasimha Reddy expressed his wrath that Andhra Rulers are still creating hurdles in the construction of Irrigation projects of Telangana. They are trying to deprive the people of Telangana from their legitimate rights of using water.

He was talking to newsmen yesterday. He highlighted the developmental and welfare schemes of TRS Govt. implemented during the past two years and said that TRS Govt. led by Mr. KCR concentrated on resolving the issues of the common man. KCR also started many schemes for the poor, some of them are such that they were not mentioned in the election manifesto. Realizing the need of the common man, KCR started these schemes.

Mr. Reddy further told that the TRS Govt. wants to irrigate the lands of every village through the irrigation projects. CM has fixed the target of one crore acre of land to be irrigated. He targeted opposition party that they are trying to create misunderstanding among the people about the irrigation projects. He further told that politics is done on Mallanna Sagar project unnecessarily. They are trying to create hurdles in the construction of this project. He assured that those who are being deprived of their lands, will be compensated adequately. He categorically said that whatever hurdles are created by the opposition, TRS Govt. will certainly complete this project. He mentioned that with the construction of Mallanna Sagar project, the water problem of northern Telagnana would be solved permanently. He advised the Congress and TDP leaders to end leveling charge against the Govt. and think of the welfare of the people. If opposition has any constructive proposals, they can submit them to the Govt.

–Siasat News