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Andhra stands second in corruption, says a survey

Andhra stands second in corruption, says a survey
Pic: DC

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh stood as India’s second-most corrupt state among 20 states in a survey done by an organisation.

According to the estimations in the survey, the corruption has declined since 2005, Centre of Media studies also found some other facts about these states, DC reported.

The survey was conducted on the basis of the general perception of corruption amongst the regular citizen, and their experiences while availing public services.

38 percent people think that corruption has increased and 58 percent have a view that it is same.

The survey also has shown that the perception of the people about the increase in corruption has fallen down from 73 percent in 2005 to 43 percent in 2017.

On the other hand, 31 percent of people told that they had to give bribes in order to avail the public services, the study revealed.

Karnataka (77pc), AP (74 pc), Tamil Nadu (68 pc), Maharashtra (57 pc), Jammu and Kashmir (44 pc) and Punjab (42 pc) are the most corrupt states in the country and have a higher level of corruption than the average of all.