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Angry with Yogi Sarkar, BJP leader threatens to embrace Islam

Angry with Yogi Sarkar, BJP leader threatens to embrace Islam
Image Courtesy: DNA

MORADABAD: Following disappointment with the Yogi government, BJP’s Moradabad City Convener decided to shun Hinduism and embrace Islam on July 1.

According to DNA reports, it is learnt that the BJP leader Pawan Agarwal announced his intention to embrace Islam after caste Hindus particularly the upper castes, were being harassed and sidelined under the Yogi government.

Allegations against Yogi Sarkar

Agrawal told DNA that the priorities of the Yogi government have changed and they are not giving attention to the upper caste Hindus.

“Yogi Government’s priorities have changed. They are taking upper caste Hindus for granted. Even party leaders are not safe under their own government and there is no one to listen to the plight of upper caste Hindus,” he charged.

Let us know that Agarwal is a RTI activist. Agarwal had exposed many district officials involved in corruption in the city but the inquiry was handed over to those officers against whom he had exposed the corruption case.

“I met them and sought justice, but they laughed at me saying I belonged to an upper caste and their priority is to protect lower caste Hindus and Muslims,” he alleged.

He told DNA that even tweeted to the CM but nothing happens therefore he threatened to embrace Islam.

“We had high hopes from the Yogi government but all our hopes were shattered when it started ignoring us. If we are not protected under our own government, then it is better we change our religion and embrace a religion which is better protected under the present regime,” he fumed.

Agarwal, however, said that he will continue to serve the party even after changing he religion on July 1, 2017.