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Anil Kumble – Virat Kohli are not in talking terms for ‘last six months’

Anil Kumble – Virat Kohli are not in talking terms for ‘last six months’

NEW DELHI: Captain Virat Kohli and former coach Anil Kumble were not in talking terms for the “last six months”said the top brass of Board of Control for Cricket in India.

A senior BCCI official, who was present in London said. “There had been reports that the CAC had okayed Kumble’s extension but with a rider. They had said that Kumble should be retained provided all pending issues are resolved.”

Kohli and Kumble were made to sit across the table during the meeting but the talks failed completely as there was no communication.

A BCCI official said.“The two had stopped talking to each other since December when the England Test series got over. There were problems but it was like shocking that the two didn’t have any proper communication for the past six months. On Sunday evening after the final, they were made to sit across table and they both agreed that it’s not working out.”

When asked what was the problem, the source said: “When we spoke to Anil separately and specifically asked him if there’s any problem, he said he has ‘no problems with Virat’. He was also told about the specific areas where Kohli has reservations about his functioning, while Anil said these were non-issues.”

The official added.“Look, if one of the two protagonists feel that there are issues which seemed to be non-issue to the other one, only these two can then sort out. Once they sat across the table, both realised after coming out that it has gone beyond repair. Anil’s tickets were booked for Barbados. His wife was also supposed to join him but he knew it was over.”

Asked if he could be more specific, the official said: “Let’s put it that Virat felt that Anil is entering an area which was his domain. For Anil, who has been a decorated player and an India captain, he has his own beliefs and ideas but the final call always stays with the captain,” he said.