Another woman killed for spurning love, assailant ends life

, 4:12 PM IST

New Delhi: A 25-year old female teacher was allegedly hacked to death on Wednesday at a church by a man, who later ended his own life, for spurning his love, police here said.

Francina had rejected the proposal made by 26-year old Jegan and was to get married to another man next month.

Enraged over this, Jegan fatally attacked her while she was offering prayers in the church.

The incident came a day after an engineering student was clubbed to death in a private college in Karur district by her senior on similar ground.

Francina was rushed to a hospital where she died without responding to treatment, police said.

Jegan committed suicide by hanging himself in an abandoned building nearby, police said, adding that further investigations were on.

This is the third such brutal killing in a public place by jilted lovers in the state in the last three months.

A 20-year-old engineering student was allegedly beaten to death in her classroom in a private college in Karur district by her senior yesterday for spurning his love.

Woman techie Swathi was hacked to death by a young man at a railway station in Chennai on July 24 in full public view for the same reason.