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Anupam Kher talk about morality, what when it comes to him? Asks Sister-in-law

Anupam Kher talk about morality, what when it comes to him?  Asks Sister-in-law

A widow sister-in-law of Bhartiya Janata Party MP Kirron Kher has accused her sister and her actor husband Anupam Kher of land grab and continuous harassment by allegedly using their power.

Sandhu has alleged that Kirron and Anupam Kher stripped off her from the ancestral home owned by her husband.

“My husband died in 2003. Kirron resorted to manipulation to secretly transfer the deeds of my husband’s house in her name by making sure that we never came to know about it” said Sandhu.

Kirron Kher’s sister-in-law further says that, “We came to know only in 2012, when they demolished a portion of our house. We filed a case against them and got status quo by the court.”

Sandhu says “Naturally, everything is happening at the behest of Kiron Kher. I have two daughters. My husband died in 2003. Where do I go with them, please tell us. Anupam (Kher) Bhaiya and Kiron Kher talk about morality to everybody else. What are they doing in their own house? We never told anyone about our ordeal until they forcibly took our car away from our own property. Today they’ve taken our car away, tomorrow they can do anything to us.”

“I’ve made so many desperate pleas to him. He told him he was in power and won’t give us anything. I even reminded about my children and they were your children too. But to no avail.”

She has also challenged the renowned Bollywood couple of showing evidence about owning the property. Sandhu’s artist husband passed away in 2003 after he suffered a heart attack. There has been no response over the issue from the couple so far