Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational institutions are wakf properties, wakf documents available: Saleem

Hyderabad: Chairman of Telangana State Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem told that Wakf Board has all the documents to prove that Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational Institutions are wakf properties. High Court, while granting interim stay order, did not refuse that these are the wakf properties.

Mr. Saleem further told that noted lawyers are being engaged to take up the case of Anwar-ul-Uloom Colleges. The Court issued stay order for 6 weeks without imposing the condition of issuing 45 days’ notice.

He further informed that the allegations leveled by Secretary of Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational Society are baseless. He challenged if anyone proves that any of his properties belonged to Wakf Board, he is ready to relinquish it. Secretary of the society has to surrender all the institutions to Wakf Board.

The Wakf Deed published by Secretary of Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational Society yesterday itself is a proof that these are wakf institutions. Wakf Board has no interest to take over the management of the institutions of Anwar-ul-Uloom Educational Society. If the society starts paying Wakf Fund, Wakf Board has no objection. It will give complete freedom to the management but Wakf Fund has to be paid according to the income.

He further informed that there are 25 cases pending in High Court against Anwar-ul-Uloom College, out of which one case is about the ownership.

Mr. Saleem dismissed the allegation that he is working under the pressure of someone. He said that he is not the puppet of anybody. He is performing his duty sincerely with the fear of Allah (SWT).

He further told that the penal of legal expert is being constituted since Wakf Board cannot completely depend on the present wakf counsels. The legal experts from Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore would be contacted. He pointed out that in the past, due to the carelessness of the standing counsels, Wakf Board lost many cases. He also told that Mr. Shafeeq-ur-Rahman Mahagir will not be included in the present panel.

–Siasat News