‘I was appointed by Govt. of Saudi Arabia & I am not accountable to anyone except it’: Rubat Caretaker

, 2:12 PM IST

Rubat Caretaker Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef made it clear that he was appointed by the Govt. of Saudi Arabia, hence he is accountable to it only. He told this while addressing on the occasion of the draw conducted for selection of pilgrims for Rubat accommodation. He said he has been serving as Rubat Caretaker for 21 years and he was not appointed by Nizam Awqaf Committee but by the government of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Shareef further informed that the controversy with Awqaf Committee has been settled and ties have been strengthened between them. He told that he has served over 35000 pilgrims during the past 21 years. He revealed that there are 7 Nizam Rubats of which the compensation for 4 Rubats has been fixed by the government of Saudi Arabia. There are 3 Rubats under him namely Rubat of Dilawarunnisa Begum, Rubat of Afzaluddaula and Rubat of Husaini Saheba. He reiterated that he is accountable only to Allah and then to Government of Saudi Arabia for his services and no other institution can make him accountable.

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