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Apprehensions against loss of Wakf property documents in RR District


Hyderabad: The claims of Govt. of Telangana to protect Wakf properties would be testify when it starts taking action against the land grabbers who are illegally occupying wakf properties in Hyderabad and RR District.

With the publication of the news that document 12000 properties are missing from the Revenue records. It is quite likely that most of the missing documents might pertain to Wakf properties in RR Districts. There is an apprehension if an illegal possessor of wakf lands produces forged documents to claims his ownership, his status in the Dept. of Revenue would be that of a possessor. It is reported that 3, 995 are missing. There are many major wakf properties in RR Districts which are facing legal complications. There are also many owners who claim their rights on these properties. To quote a few, the wakf properties of Maniconda Jagir under Dargah Husain Shah Wali, wakf lands of Jamia Nizamia and wakf lands of Dargah Baba Sharfuddin are under litigation. If the department of Minorities Welfare does not clarify about these wakf properties, it would be construed that it is also a party to the missing documents. Is it an attempt to usurp Govt. and Wakf properties?

–Siasat News

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