Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Armed robbers flee with 30kg gold in Gurugram

Image courtesy: Indian Express

New Delhi: 30kg gold and 5 lakh in cash was robbed by a group of people with armed from the Manapuram Finance Company in of Gurugram on Thursday.

According to Daily news analysis, during the robbery, a security guard and a customer got injured said the police.

A group of 8 men entered into the bank at 12.15 pm which is on the first floor, Mukesh Kumar, security guard who works there ask the men to register their names but suddenly one of them hit him on his back of the head and pull him inside and CCTV camera was covered by another man by spraying some paint on it says an eyewitness.

Devicharan, Another guard, had fight them took his rifle and cartridge and broke it. Robbers had pistols and captive to the staffers and customers and switch off their mobile phones. The captives were demanded to stand with their arms raised.

A customer said, “They had pistols and knives but no bags for their loot. They took the hostages’ bags to put the gold in.” one of the robbers who was covered his face with a handkerchief grabbed the keys from the staffer and took more than 30 kg gold and the cash from inside.

Guard Mukesh Kumar, who was admitted to the Civil Hospital when the police was informed and guard said, “They came as customers and hit me with a sharp weapon. I never knew my job involved such risks.” The injured customer was admitted to the Aarvy Hospital.

“All the police stations have been alerted and we are going through the CCTV footage. The accused will be caught soon,” said the Police Commissioner of Gurugram.
A forensic team was called later and collected fingerprints samples from the spot.