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The ART & SCIENCE of Designing a Space is called “Architecture & Interior Designing”.

The ART & SCIENCE of Designing a Space is called “Architecture & Interior Designing”.

An Architect Or an Interior Designer Designs a space according to the requirement of the Client, availability of space & the Budget of the Client.

An Architect can guide a Client for the best Utilization of available Space & materials to be used in proper place to come out with a solution both Aesthetically as well as economically.

It is a misunderstanding that hiring an Architect for Designing will increase the cost. On the other hand, with the knowledge & the Experience an Architect will not only make the Space Aesthetical & Functional but also can save the time & money of the Client.

Planning of a Residence involves various aspects and various areas which need to be handled carefully like,

a. Entrance area
b. Drawing area
c. Living area
d. Dining area
e. Master bed room
f. Children’s bed room
g. Elders bed room
h. Study area
i. Kitchen area
j. Open area
k. Storage area
l. Landscape
m. Staircase
n. Lobby
o. Toilets

Every Residence is unique in itself depending upon the requirement of the Client, availability of space, Budget. While Designing a Residential space, we have to consider lot of aspects, Function, Form, etc.

The most important aspect is the Function. Hence the Function of the particular area must be given priority and care should be taken that the Function of the room must not be disturbed.

Then comes the Form (beautification). After the Function is justified, one can give the desired form to the space without disturbing the Function.

Nowadays, there are plenty of reasons to downsize to a smaller home. Perhaps you’re in the market for a simpler way of life, or lower rent.

Architects ensures you that you can find exactly what you’re looking for without sacrificing the everyday luxuries typically associated with more spacious properties. The highlights the most beautiful—and functional—residences under 1500 TO 800 square feet and shares the Architects’ secrets for making the most of a micro home. No matter how tiny, all of them include a bath, a spot for sleeping, and a kitchen (and some have extra areas, such as a library).

Super-small spaces are no longer an obscure idea—respected Architects, such as reinventing what it looks like to live small. “In this day and age, no future architect survives their training without concerning themselves with the question of mini-dwellings,” writes author “What does a person really need? What do two or more people need? How can everything be organized to save as much space as possible? How can a comfortable atmosphere be created in such a small area? How can the various functions be optimized without compromising quality?” Each of these home answers these queries with flying colors.
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