Aruna nails reports on her changing party

Aruna nails reports on her changing party

Making it clear that she will not shift her loyalties to other party succumbing to the pressures of the TRS party leaders at any cost, former Minister DK Aruna alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s actions were in a manner that there would not be Opposition parties in the State.


Speaking at the Assembly media point here on Tuesday, Aruna found fault with the news story published in a section of the media stating that she would change the party. She asked the media to follow some values. “I will not answer to the questions based on such false stories on changing party”, she said and alleged that some sycophants of the TRS party were spreading such publicity.


Reacting on Narayanakhed by-election result, Aruna alleged that the TRS party won the election by threatening the people and misusing power. She said that she thought that KCR visited the body of demised P Kista Reddy with the love he has on Kista Reddy but lately came to know that he visited Narayanakhed only to grab the Narayakhed constituency. She said that the time of understanding as to what TRS party was doing will come and one has to wait for that time.


Alleging that the TRS party passing time with the elections, Aruna said that the people of the state were facing severe drinking water problem and grass problem. Instead of providing water to the people, the TRS party government stating that it was releasing crores of rupees to solve the problem, she said. She alleged that the Mahabubnagar people were facing serious drinking water problem but nobody bothered about the problem. “The government announced 64 mandals as drought hit in Mahabubnagar district but did nothing to the district yet”, she alleged.


Stating that farmers under the Jurala project were facing severe problems due to withered crops, she demanded the government to extend ex-gratia to them. The Chief Minister, Ministers and MLAs were concentrating only on elections and they were not solving public issues, she alleged. Demanding the Chief Minister to create a new district in the name of Gadwal, she said that Gadwal people sacrificed for the sake of Jurala project. Keeping the sacrifices of Gadwal people in view, the government has to create a new district in the name of Gadwal, she said and made it clear that she will sacrifice her life if needed for the sake of Gadwal district. (NSS)