Aruna sees secret pact between Modi & KCR

Aruna sees secret pact between Modi & KCR

Former minister and Gadwal MLA DK Aruna has alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was going to Delhi to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi only to ‘exchange’ his ‘corrupt’ money and for settlements.

The Chief Minister was going to the national capital only after entering into a ‘secret pact’ with the Prime Minister, she said and alleged that the TRS government was getting ready to stop the welfare schemes in the State showing demonetization of big notes as a reason. She asked the State government as to why it failed to respond on the demonetization of big notes even after one week. The Chief Minister was giving leaks saying that the government was not in a position to give salaries to the employees. Questioning the Chief Minister to tell as to why he didn’t ask Prime Minister anything, she wondered and pointed out that the same Chief Minister expected Modi’s wishes. “What does that mean?”, she posed.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall here on Friday, Aruna claimed that Narendra Modi government indulged in ‘surgical attack’ on non-other than common people of the country while demonetizing big notes. The demonetization of big notes would help only BJP politically but not common people. Demonetization of big notes was a conspiracy to get benefit in the elections to be held in five States.

Questioning Modi to tell as to what happened to the assurance given before the elections that he will deposit Rs.15 lakh each in every citizen’s account by bringing black money from foreign countries, DK opined that the assurance was only to win the elections. She alleged that Modi was troubling the common people by protecting a few people, who have black money. Sadism was looking in Modi’s talk, she said, adding that it was not proper to the Prime Minister to demonetize big notes without giving time to the common man.

She also alleged that the Prime Minister protected Gujarat State’s big industrialists along with Ambani and Adani. She opined that Modi government was troubling the common man by protecting the BJP-ruled and BJP supporting States.

Asking Modi to tell as to why he introduced Rs 2000 note, she alleged that the farmers were at the receiving end with the demonetization of big notes. The transactions in the agricultural markets were stalled. Modi published Swatch Bharat emblem only for the selfish political interests. Modi thought that he would go into the annals of the history by doing this, she pointed out. (NSS)