If you are asking a girl about her virginity, ask a boy too: Amitabh Bachchan

, 10:00 PM IST

New Delhi: While carrying on a promotion press conference for his court room drama ‘PINK’, Shoojit Sircar pointed out that as a society why do we only question women about their virginity.

Sircar said,”Asking women ‘are you a virgin?’ is a strong statement, but we never ask the men about the same.”

Asked about the discrimination girls face about their sexuality, Bachchan said, “If girls are asked about their virginity, then boys should also be questioned. There should be no discrimination.

If a girl is asked there is always a question mark, as if it is something very wrong, but when it comes to boys, there is an exclamation mark denoting that they have done something great.

When pointed that the movie seems to be targeting the urban society, the director-cum producer said, “I have a language which I use in my film-making. I am born and brought up in urban areas- may that be Delhi or Mumbai. So, I understand the urban language. But I will try to take this movie to towns and villages. But this movie has its own language.”