Asthma medicine truck looted on Bengaluru-Chennai road

Asthma medicine truck looted on Bengaluru-Chennai road

Chennai: A truck carrying medicines from its factory in Ranipet, Vellore to Chennai was recently captured and looted by an armed gang, pretending to be Government officials.

The incident occurred around 4pm, Thursday evening near Sunguvachatriam bypass on Bengaluru – Chennai road,near Kancheepuram District..

The truck was carrying 26 barrels of asthma medicines worth 2 crore from its production factory in Vellore and was on its way to Chennai for delivery, when an armed gang pretending to be government officials stopped the truck and attacked the driver and his gunman with sickles.

Kancheepuram SP Santhosh Hadimani had rushed to the scene to investigate the scene.“The gang members initially acted like they were government officials checking the documents but suddenly they attacked gunman Venkitesan, 38 and driver with sickles before hijacking the truck. The empty truck was later found a place called Mapedu, 8 km away from the scene of hijack. Police believe that gang could have used another truck and shifted all the barrels of medicine, belonging to Malladi Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, to another truck and escaped”, said the SP, as reported in DC.