Atrocities against residents of Ghouse Nagar unfortunate: Aziz Pasha

, 2:11 PM IST

Member of National Board, Communist Party of India and former Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha visited Ghouse Nagar and inspected the demolition activity in the name of illegal occupation in Ghouse Nagar. He also met the victims and strongly condemned the demolition activity undertaken by Revenue Department without notice.

Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha said that the victims of demolition activity in Ghouse Nagar are mostly daily wage earners who constructed their houses by saving pennies. However Revenue Department demolished the houses of poor people without giving any notice.

Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha said that the respective MRO and other officers remained silent spectators when the land grabbers sold that land to the economically and educationally poor people on notary. Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha lamented that the public representatives of the locality have not visited the area so far.

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