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ATS Officer Mehboob punished for arresting Saffron terrorists?

ATS Officer Mehboob punished for arresting Saffron terrorists?

SHOLAPUR: Suspended ATS Officer Mehboob Mujawar facing a threat to his life after his sensational revelation about the two key RSS workers accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast killed in a (fake) police encounter.

The two accused Sandeep Dange and Ramji alias Ramchandra Kalsangra who were falsely shown “alive” were actually killed in custody by Maharashtra ATS officials eight years back.

According to urdumediamonitor reports, Mujawar, talking to Inquilab claimed that he is being followed by unnamed officials of different agencies as a result of which he has stopped his morning walk.

The former police officer claimed that he was ‘unofficially recruited’ by the senior IPS officers to be part of the ATS team investigating the case.

In an affidavit in a Sholapur court, he stated that he was “witness to their killings and the disposal of their bodies as victims of 26/11 terror attacks”.

Mehboob made several sensational revelations.

According to Mujawar, “They have now got trapped in their own net. It is being said that I have never served in the ATS. The question is, if I did not serve in the ATS, how did I obtain an ATS’ revolver? Not only this, after framing a false case against me, I was informed by a local court four months later that a case had been registered against me under Arms Act. A case under Arms Act means that if the allegations prove right it can lead to execution as well.’

With a record of 40 years of police service, Mehboob has been implicated in fFalse case under Arms Act and criminal intimidation.

He said, ‘I have been implicated in this false case because, firstly, I had learnt that Ramji and Dange had been murdered. Secondly important incident that took place was that during the investigation an IPS officer sent me to the houses of Dange and Kalsangra in Indore. In Indore we had searched their houses without informing the local police and their family members, with the help of their neighbours, had apprehended us. This has also become public through media. Following this I held a man in Bhopal who was a confidant of several leaders of saffron organisations and politicians. Not only this, I had also recovered stock of RDX from him.’

According to Mehboob, “These were the two things that became the cause of my suspension from the Force. If the person I had apprehended had been arrested and a proper investigation had been made, it would have then exposed not only many of high ranking leaders of Sangh Parivar but many big politicians would have also been unmasked.”