Attempts to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the country, need to be alert – Hamid Mohammed Khan

Attempts to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the country, need to be alert – Hamid Mohammed Khan

Hyderaabad: There is a need to create peaceful and congenial atmosphere in the counter to curb the attempts of communal elements. It is also necessary to launch a campaign for building confidence among the people. These thoughts were expressed by the participants of the colloquium of Dharmic Jana Morcha constituted by Jamat-e-Islami of Telangana and Odisa. Convener of the Morcha, Mr. A. Venugopal Rao told that for the past few days, attempts ar4e being to create anarchy in the country. In order to foil such attempts, it is essential to create awareness among the people for humanity. In all the religions, teachings of Humanity and Brotherhood have been stressed. It is necessary for the people to be alert.

Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan, Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami presided over the colloquium. The participants of the colloquium presented various suggestions. Mr. Venugopal Rao suggested that very soon a procession would be started to promote Human Values and bother hood. Leaders of various religions would highlight the values of humanity and brotherhood of their religions.

Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan told that the incident of assassination of Akhlaq has shaken all those who love humanity. Realizing its responsibility, Jamat-e-Islami laid the foundation of inter-religious forum to combat communal elements. It has been decided to highlight the values of Humanity of Islam before the other religions. He further told that cow slaughter has been banned which should be implemented but the crimes under the pretext of protection of cow are not tolerable.

Mr. Mohammed Afzal was nominated as the Joint Convener of Dharmic Jana Morcha. Mr. Ashok Jain to that for the eradication of deteriorating Human values, it is essential to highlight the value of human life among the youths. He further told that time has now come to light a lamp which would show the path of progress for the country.

–siasat News