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Attempts to reorganize LTTE: Nexus with ISI and Maoists suspected

Attempts to reorganize LTTE: Nexus with ISI and Maoists suspected

New Delhi: LTTE was practically wiped out after the assassination of its chief, Prabhakaran. It is reported that LTTE is concentrating on Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu in order to get it reorganize at international level. This has been stated in a secret report of the Internal Security Wing of Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

The report shows that the shattered members of LTTE are active against India after their defeat in 2009. Recently, Some members of Nadidwan Group visited northern Sri Lanka from Europe and revived arsenal and gunpowder so that terrorist activities could be started.

On the occasion of Martyrs’ Day in the north Sri Lanka, an indication has been given that LTTE would be restored which is worrying India since ISI is using the land of Sri Lanka for recruitment of terrorists.

Authenticated sources indicated that those who are making and attempt to reinstate LTTE are desirous of establishing contact with ISI which is aiming at targeting security agencies in India.

The secret document of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India exposed that during the past few days, the movements of Maoists was seen at the borders of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Earlier, LTTE had offered military training to Tamil Nadu Liberation Army in the thick forest of Tamil Nadu. An Intelligence Officer exposed that if the shattered LTTE cadre gets success in establishing nexus with Maoists and ISI, it could prove dangerous to the security of India.

–Siasat News