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Authorities leave open sewage drains after road repair in Chandanagar, BHEL X Roads

Authorities leave open sewage drains after road repair in Chandanagar, BHEL X Roads

Hyderabad: Negligence of the Corporation in Chandanagar, BHEL X Roads is posing as a major threat to the residents where the sewage drains have been left open, uncovered in the area.

Slabs covering the drains were reportedly removed to carry out road repairs but have not been placed back after the completion of work on the road opposite Lingampally bus stop.

These drains overflow when it rains often covering the opened area with water. People on foot taking the passage miss on the missing slabs thus falling into the drain.

Rafiha Ali, a resident of Gachibowli, who has encountered the close fall, said, “Two slabs were removed at a spot which was not visible when the roads were flooded. I lost my footing while walking there and was about to fall into the drain when a passerby managed to catch hold of me”.

Many pedestrians have already been a victim of these left open sewage drains injuring themselves said the workers at Siddiqui Kabab, Chandanagar.

Mohammed Aslam, a worker, said, “The slabs were removed for road repair work recently. We thought that they would be replaced because they had developed cracks. The situation, however, grew worse with the slabs not put back in place. We try to warn passersby but minor incidents still happen.”

The residents of the area now fear for their children who might as well be victims if these are not closed soon. Nayana Shyam a resident of Chandanagar says, “This problem has been there for some time now but the rains tend to make it worse because people fail to notice the missing slabs. Children walking across that area have been carefully cautioned to take care. Because the drains are knee-deep, any fall into them could lead to casualties. We have complained to the authorities and are hoping for some action.”

However the Authorities claimed they have not received any complaints from the residents regarding the issue.

Ramesh Gupta, the superintend engineer of west zone says, “We are yet to receive a written representation following which we will send executives to the site. After they take note of the situation, we will start work immediately.”