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Autorickshaw Drivers On Strike In Gurgaon

Autorickshaw Drivers On Strike In Gurgaon

GURGAON: After Gurgaon Police impounded 3,000 autorickshaws in three days for violating traffic norms, auto drivers in Gurgaon went on an indefinite strike causing inconvenience to commuters.

“We have decided to go for indefinite strike showing solidarity to 3,000 auto drivers whose vehicles were forcibly impounded by Gurgaon traffic police in last three days,” Satbir Singh, autorickshaw union president said.

“After the new Commissioner of Police Sandeep Khairwal took charge, we have been framed wrongly in traffic violation cases. We are not being allowed to get back our vehicles even after paying the fine. After failing to get any help, we have decided to go an indefinite strike,” he claimed.

Absence of autorickshaws caused inconvenience to thousands of commuters on the second day of the indefinite strike.

Zonal Traffic Officer of Gurgaon Police, Rajpal said, “We have issued challans to the autos which were found violating traffic rules, on Monday also 1,205 vehicles have been issued challans and 115 were towed away.”

“Majority of these auto drivers do not have permits and other documents to ply the three-whellers,” he said.