Awareness against Hindu fascism need of the hour – Ram Punyani

Awareness against Hindu fascism need of the hour – Ram Punyani

Hyderabad: Addressing a public meeting organized by Anti-Hindu Fascism Forum yesterday, noted author and social activist Mr. Ram Punyani stressed the need for creating awareness against Hindu fascism. These days, atrocities on Dalits and Muslims have increased. It is therefore the need of the hour is for the Muslims and Dalits to get united. He was addressing a public meeting yesterday at Telugu university auditorium. Continuing his speech, Mr. Ram Punyani said that with the increasing incidents of intolerance, it has been proved that Hindu fascist forces are making an attempt to target Dalits and Minorities in the name of religion. Despite spending crores of rupees, BJP got only 31% votes. This party is supporting Hindu fascism.

Explaining fascism, Mr. Punyani said targeting Dalits and Muslims, creating an atmosphere of panic and terror among Muslims is fascism. Wherever fascism gets promoted, there is a nexus between communal elements and industrialists. Fascist forces attacked Kanhaiya Kumar in court premises which is an incident of fascism. Throwing more light on this incident, Mr. Punyani said that the CD was tampered to prove the case of sedition against Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar whereas the facts were different. In the name of patriotism, fascist forces are trying to prove their love for the country whereas RSS and its outfit have no relationship with patriotism. During freedom struggle, all the persons belonging to various religions sacrificed their lives.
Quoting the representation of Mr. Rajendra Prasad made to Mahatma Gandhi about imposing a ban on cow slaughter which was rejected by Mahatma Gandhi saying that India is not a country of a particular religion. There are people in India belonging to various religions. It is therefore essential for us to honour the sentiments of the people of other religions. It is therefore not possible to enact the law for putting a ban on cow slaughter.

By usurping India, the British looted the wealth of this country. In the same manner, corporate sector in connivance with Modi Govt. is exploiting the valuable natural resources of this country.

Revolutionary writer and poet, Mr. Varavara Rao, Social activist, Vimala Akka, Ms. V.Sindhya, General Secretary of POWV, Hafiz Peer Shabbir Ahmed, Maulana Naseeruddin, Maulana Syed Tariq Quadri, Mr. Mujahid Hashmi, Mr. Nayeemullah Shareef, Mr. Mohammed Afzal and various representatives of Dalits and Muslims also addressed the gathering.

–Siasat News