Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Ayesha Meera case: Hyderabad girl launches online petition

Hyderabad: Following the acquittal of Satyam Babu by the High Court in the sensational Ayesha Meera rape-murder case, a Hyderabad girl has started an online petition to reopen the case so that the real culprits will be booked.

Revathi Pogadadanda in her petition, that will be delivered to the High Court at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and the Vijayawada city police commissioner, asked “If Satyam Babu who was strongly projected as the killer of Ayesha by Vijayawada police, and was acquitted, who actually killed Ayesha?”.

Petition says “Some news reports say she (Ayesha) was 17 years old, some quote her as 19….all we know was that she was too young to die. It wasn’t a natural death – she was raped and murdered. Rape is heinous, murder is inhuman – but injustice is more horrendous of all crimes. Ayesha is being killed EVERY SINGLE DAY for over a decade due to the apathy of our authorities and their alleged favoritism towards a political family.”

The petition states “We demand that the case gets re-investigated. We demand solace to the parents of Ayesha Meera. We demand the justice Ayesha deserves. It was Ayesha a decade ago; it can be anyone of us tomorrow!!!”