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Doing only B.Tech will not fetch IT job: Former CFO, Infosys

Doing only B.Tech will not fetch IT job: Former CFO, Infosys

Former Infosys CFO T.V. Mohandas Pai said only B.Tech degrees in IT sector would not be sufficient for young graduates to get jobs, they will have to go for some additional specialised courses in the coming future.

“My advice to all the people in colleges: please do M.Tech and specialise, and learn to code on your own by taking extra classes, because in future most companies will hire you based on your coding knowledge. They are not going to catch you raw and give you training for six months and pay for it. Why should they waste their time? They will test you on your coding skills and if you know very good coding, they will hire you,” Mohandas told, as per a report by BI.

Pai termed it as a “great tragedy” that the salaries of the freshers in the IT sector are not increasing since two decades. This is because the whole industry is not growing at a fast pace, he said.

Global spending in IT which had to expand by 3-4% in this year, now is projected to grow only by two per cent. “That is also having an impact,” he said. IT industry is expected to hire 1.5 lakh to 1.6 lakh people this year, he said.