Monday , August 21 2017
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Bajrang Dal activists attacked church over “religious conversion”, clothes of women stripped

Chhattisgarh: In Kachna area of Raipur, Bajrang Dal activists attacked a church yesterday suspecting religious conversion. They vandalized church premises and shouted slogans “Shri Ram Ki Jai”.

The mob alleged that many people had assembled at the church for religious conversion. It is reported that five persons were injured in the attack.

According to the news published in Pradesh 18, President of Chhattisgarh Christian Forum, Arun Pannalal alleged that Bajrang Dal activists barged into the church and started vandalizing. He also alleged they stripped off the clothes of women and pushed a two-year-old boy on to the ground.

Some of them wielded with chains, rods and knives carried out gruesome attack. One of the victims who got injured who is undergoing treatment at the district hospital, told that, the assailants entered the church while praying was being offered. They alleged that conversion was going on and thrashed and molested them.

Arun Pannalal alleged that this was the fourth attack on Christian community within a span of five weeks. He also alleged that these attacks are being carried out under the patronage of BJP led government.

They are exerting pressure on the people either to convert to Hinduism or leave the place. It was reported that Vidhan Sabha Police refused to entertain their complaint, but afterwards, an FIR was lodged against unidentified assailants.

Mr. Niraj Chandrakar, ASP told that three vehicles were seized and police force was deployed.