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Barelvi clerics issued ‘Fatwa’ against products ‘containing cow urine’

Barelvi clerics issued ‘Fatwa’ against products ‘containing cow urine’

Bareilly: A question by Bareilly-based resident Bakhtiyar Khan has made clerics of Dargarh Ala Hazrat to passed fatwa against the use of products allegedly containing cow’s urine.

As per HT, Bakhtyar asked the clerics that if the use the products having urine was permitted in Islam.

“The question was discussed among the clerics and they came to a conclusion that it is anti-Islamic to use such products,” said Naseer Quaraishi, media coordinator of Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa, a religious organisation under the dargah.

“After discussions, Mufti Mohammad Kausar Ali and Mufti Hakim Md Muzaffar Hussain issued the fatwa, a copy of which was sent to Bakhtyar Khan,” he added.

The cleric said that consumption any product containing urine of any animal was ‘haraam’ according to Shariat and the rule applied to all such products, “including those manufactured by Patanjali” and use of it in any form should be shunned.

Last year, in Tamil Nadu, a similar fatwa was issued against Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali products by Muslim groups following which Patanjali Aurveda issued a clarification  claiming that only 5out of the total 700 products manufactured by the company had cow urine.