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BCs Commission’s public hearing from 14-17 December

Hyderbad: Backward Classes Commission of Telangana State has announced from 14-17 December from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at its office located at Khairtabad. In this public hearing, opinions would be elicited from the public about providing reservation to Muslims on the basis of their economic and educational backwardness. For giving reservation to any community, recommendation of BCs Commission is mandatory.

It is the responsibility of Muslim organizations to make effective representation to the commission. Individuals can also make representation. It is better if Advocates and Legal experts make representations so that the commission could suggest to the Govt. for providing reservations to Muslims. They should present the data aleardy given in Sacahar Committee and Mishra Commission.

Chairman of BCs Commission. Mr.B.S. Ramulu told that those who want to make representation may also do orally.

It may be mentioned that Govt. of Telangana had constituted BCs Commit on 22nd October. It was entrusted with the powers to make suggestions for providing reservations to Muslims This commission will take into consideration the educational and economic backwardness of all the backward communities. There are 150 backward communities in the state. It will function as a research wing.

The Chairman told that the commission is in favour of providing reservations according to the size their population. He also told that an attempt would be made to get the reservations included in the 9th schedule of constitution of India as has been done by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The commission will take into considerations the recommendations of Sudheer Commission of Inquiry. He indicated that BCs Commission may also suggest 9-12 % reservations for Muslims as suggested by Sudheer Commission of Inquiry. It may be noted that the Muslims already have 4% reservations. After surveying the economic and educational backwardness of the Muslims, BCs Commission may double the present reservations.

Mr. Ramulu mentioned that Govt. is serious about providing reservations to Muslims. The commission will also conduct public hearing in a very serious manner. He admitted that Muslims are backward in every field of life. They could only be developed by providing reservations.
Recently, the members of the BCs Commission had a meeting with the members of Sudheer Commission of Inquiry to take the data about the backwardness of the Muslims.

BCs Commission will also investigate the complaints of injustice made to Muslims while giving admissions in educational institution. Public hearing will be conducted from 11 a.m. to 5 p..m. daily at the office of the commission located at 4th floor, Metro Works main building, Khairtabad. Recognized or unrecognized institutions may submit their data with evidence to the commission before 19th December. The information may be submitted either in English or in Telugu. It should be committed in 6 sets.

–Siasat News