Beware! China made lights left 400 people with serious eye infection in Chhattisgarh

, 12:02 PM IST

Raipur: Around 400 people including children and women complained of severe eye infections after few China-made halogen lamps burst during a cultural programme of Navratra at Chhattisgarh’s Rajnandgaon district.

According to TOI reports, “The incident took place at Kanhardabri village of Dongargaon block in Rajnandgaon on Thursday night. Of the population of 600 people, about 400 were out attending a cultural programme of Navratra in the village. While their eyes were anyway affected after being in contact with China-made lamps for the whole night, things might have got worse when six of the lamps burst due to heavy rains,” chief medical officer Dr Mithilesh Choudhary said.

In spite of bursting, the lamps were very much lightening. It was only on Friday, after waking up, realized that they were suffering from eye-infection complaining of redness, burning sensation and swelling in eyes.

The medical team of about 15-20 doctors rushed to the scene and continuously provided treatment to the patients round the clock. 94% of patients has now improved and are feeling much better.

Similarly, in September, in Balod district and Dallirajhara, more than 800 has suffered infection, swelling and blurred vision where China bulbs exploded.