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Beware! drones are watching you at Mumbai-Pune Express way

Beware! drones are watching you at Mumbai-Pune Express way

Pune: An eye in the sky is better than several feet on the ground. The government of Maharashtra is persuaded about this and have deployed drones for the first time on the Mumbai-Pune Express way to stop variable drivers in their tracks.

According to the report published in the The Hindu, the 95–Km road is becoming popular as the ‘Death Zone’ among the negligent drivers who cut lanes and neglects the speed limit.

The drones will be workout 24/7, operating from four base stations to whirling over traffic to check rash driving and overtaking.

Amol Tambe, Superintendent of Police (Highways), Pune region said “Drone-based enforcement was demonstrated over the weekend, and resulted in fines for 20 drivers for lane-cutting, police said. “We conducted the demonstration on Saturday and Sunday, between noon and 4 p.m. and used two drones in the ghat section [between the Lonavala exit and the Khalapur toll plaza] to monitor traffic on both sides,” he adds.

The 30 lives in three months sparked off the criticism which made government to look skyward for a solution after the accidents.

Minister of State for Home (Urban) Deepak Vasant Kesarkar, said “CCTV cameras are not as effective as drones. Hence, we decided to deploy drone cameras to instill discipline.”