Beware: Drunken driving may result in loosing govt, overseas job opportunities

, 7:14 PM IST

Hyderabad: In the latest crack down on drunk drivers, the city police has decided to implement stringent rules including banning Visa for those convicted under this charge and making them ineligible for applying for Government jobs.

According to TOI reports, Hyderabad police commissioner M Mahender Reddy told, “I have given instructions to the special branch to verify the conviction data of drunken driving offenders and traffic case offenders during background verification work and report the same to employers.”

Government job aspirants, as well as those planning to obtain visas for overseas employment, better avoid driving in the city in an inebriated state. While drunken driving convicts might not get government jobs, they also stand to lose out on going to countries like the US for employment.

Special Branch inspector general Y Nagi Reddy said, ” As per passport rules those who receive jail term of less than two years are eligible to get a passport. But if a drunk driving convict fails to mention his jail term in the passport application, he would be charged for ‘perjury’.

The SB team of Cyberabad is also verifying the drunken driving conviction details during employee antecedent check.