Beware of girls’ friend requests on Facebook, ITBP warn jawans

, 7:32 AM IST

New Delhi: Krishna Chaudhary, Director General of ITBP issued a directive asking all its jawans not to use any mobile apps. He warned that Pakistan based hackers may retrieve their data.

He also said instructed jawans not to accept any unknown friend request, especially from girls on Facebook.

Directive issued not to use apps, WeChat, Smesh and Line, on their smart phones as foreign intelligence agencies from China and Pakistan can stealing the data.
According to the news published in TOI, Pakistan based hackers, who allegedly work for ISI and terrorist organizations, have been targeting security personnel by first sending them Facebook friend requests in the guise of beautiful girls and then asking them to download a particular app to further chat. Once the app is installed, it will help hackers to access jawan’s mobile data like contacts, SMS details, videos and GPS locations.