Thursday , August 24 2017
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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar condemns people who forced Muslim journalist to chant Hindu Slogan

Bihar: Nitish Kumar Bihar’s CM reacting to the recent incident where a Muslim journalist and his family were forcibly made to chant Hindu slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’, said such incidents will not be tolerated.

The incident was brought to CM’s notice on Twitter by the Journalist.

According to the sources, CM has condemned the recent incident.

Munne Bharti who is a journalist with NDTV channel reported the incident where he and his wife along with two kids and his parents were on their way to Raheemabad village in Samastipur and travelling from Karneji village in Vaishali district of Bihar when he halted his car seeing jam on reaching the Muzaffarpur National Highway 28. He stepped out of his car to enquire about the jam when some youth’s dressed in saffron and armed with bamboo sticks said they belonged to Bajrang Dal group threatened him to go back to his car without making any fuss or else they would set his car on fire.

The threatened turned serious when the group noticed the Journalist had beard and his wife was in veil, they forcibly made him chant the Hindu slogan ‘Jai shri ram’, denial of which he was threatened with dire consequences. The men then shouted “Say Jai Shri Ram or we will burn you down” said the journalist.

He also said that they were allowed to pass through only after they agreed to their condition.

Impact of recent events

Many people took to streets to protest against the recent lynchings with an online campaign started to protest against the killings of Muslims.

Many people from various states have participated in the protest started under online campaign ‘Not in my name’ on June 28.

President Pranab Mukherjee on July 1st in a reference addressing the number of cow-related atrocities and the lynchings targeting the Muslim minority community across the country said: “We should ponder about this country when we see someone being lynched”.

Similarly, PM Modi has finally reacted, as it can be called, after his month’s silence over the rising atrocities in the country has finally given a statement condemning these lynchings in the name of cow worship.

Former PM Manmohan Singh has also commented saying people are “spreading negative influence in the name of religion”.

Nitish Kumar has displeased his party associates after he said he supported Ram Nath Kovind presidential nominee, reported Scroll.