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Bizarre! Man discovers woman raped, stuffed in a suitcase

Bizarre! Man discovers woman raped, stuffed in a suitcase

Hunan (China): A naked woman who was stuffed in a suitcase after being raped was discovered by a passer in a park of central China’s Hunan province on Monday. A passer by heard her cries coming out from the abandoned suitcase and helped her.

A video taken at the scene shows a man opening the abandoned suitcase after he heard the woman’s cry for help.

The women was allegedly been raped by another man who had ‘dumped her in a park’. When the women started shouting he jumped into a nearby lake to make his escape.

The video shows an another man taking off his shirt and giving it to the woman and other female bystanders helped her out of the case before calling the emergency services.

The woman said to the police that she was raped by the man, who then stuffed her in the suitcase. She said she was not sure what the man was planning to do with her.

The police had taken her to the hospital and now she is in a stable condition. The Police later caught the rapist and are further investigating.