Bizarre! Man who marries his own MOTHER-IN-LAW says he now wants a divorce her; realises his mistake

, 9:18 AM IST

Patna: A 22-year-old man who fell in love with his 42-year-old, mother-in-law, was in headlines in June. Now says, that he realised that marrying her was his mistake and wants to return to his wife again.

Suraj Mahto’s unusual affair began when, Asha Devi paid visit to her daughter Lalita’s home in the village of Puraini in the impoverished state of Bihar last year.

Mrs. Devi looked after Mr Mahto when he became ill and the duo fell in love with each other. They were in touch even after she returned to her home.

Mr Mahto use to call her and they would talk for hours on the phone and he also use to visit her at her home.

When Lalita came to know about their alleged affair she told her mother to stay away from her husband but she refused.Lalita approached her father but he was also unable to stop their passionate affair.