Saturday , August 19 2017
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BJP day-dreaming, many TRS men in touch with me, claims Uttam

Hyderabad: “Many TRS party leaders except Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s close family members were in touch with me. There would be huge migrations from TRS party to Congress party”, the TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy has said. Stating that the BJP has no strength in the Telangana State, Uttam opined that the BJP was in illusion that it will be benefited with Hindu votes in Telangana State. He said the ruling party was entered into election mode.
In a chit-chat with journalists at Gandhi Bhavan on Monday, Uttam said the State Intelligence was telling to the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao as to what the latter interested to hear. TPCC Chief alleged that the Ministers and MLAs were not daring to inform the ground reality to the Chief Minister. He said that the farmers were participating in agitations voluntarily. The government, which stated that the persons participated in agitations were rowdies not farmers, has to make their names public, he demanded and asked the TRS party to tell as to why their leaders were entering into friction with the farmers in market yards.
“There could be hungama for one week in case Warangal meeting had become a hit one”, he opined and said that his mustache has become a talk of the TRS party. Not delivering of speech in Osmania University Centenary Celebrations by the Chief Minister and Governor was nothing but dishonoring the President of India, he said.
The TPCC Chief has expressed a doubt saying that whether the Chief Minister was not aware that the Khammam Mirchi farmers issue will create opposition among the people against the Chief Minister. “I don’t know whether the Chief Minister intentionally neglecting the formers or not”, he said. He asked the Chief Minister, who suggested the farmers to cultivate mirchi and tur, to tell as to why he was not giving exgratia to the farmers. The Chief Minister’s attitude was becoming witch attitude, he said and opined that Mirchi farmers issue was a serious one. Stating that the Telangana people were very intelligent one, Uttam said that arresting the farmers was an atrocious act and the Chief Minister was trying to transforming the state as a police state.
He said that the Congress party’s membership drive will be completed by May 15.
Opining that the BJP, which was succeeded in north India, will not succeeded in South India and if BJP thinks in that manner it will be a mistake. The Hindus and Muslims in Telangana state were living together, he said. “I don’t think that the BJP will be strengthened in Telangana state”, he opined. About 50,000 MW power was available across the nation because the power projects were completed during the Congress regime, he stated.
He informed that he will give power point presentation on Kaleswaram project very soon. “Whether the government will give water by lifting 2000 feet height and digging 200 kilometers canals?”, he asked and said that the government have to spend Rs.1lakh per acre. “Instead of spending in this manner, it is good for the government if given the same amount directly to the farmers”, he opined and alleged that the projects were only for commissions. (NSS)