Monday , August 21 2017
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BJP Mocks Rahul on Promises for Farmers

New Delhi: BJP on Wednesday mocked Rahul Gandhi’s promises for farmers as his “seasonal expression of sympathy in the season of elections” and claimed that while states ruled by it have seen maximum agricultural growth, those by Congress are known for cases of “land-grab”.

The saffron party was also dismissive of the Congress vice president’s pitch for loan-waivers for farmers, claiming that its governments worked to enhance their capability as it cited a CAG report to allege that a Rs 51,000-crore scam occurred during one such waiver during the UPA-I government.

“The Congress vice president, the 46-year-old eternal youth of the India politics has said a few things about farmers…Rahul Gandhi who goes abroad to attain knowledge and concentration, was in the eastern UP today for a seasonal expression of sympathy in the season of elections,” its spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi told a press conference.

Taking a swipe at Gandhi, he said that his “baseless and ridiculous” charges at the Modi government were an expression of his “self-knowledge”, claiming the plight of farmers was an indictment of the close to six decades of Congress governments in the country.

The fate of farmers was turned upside down during these times, he said, referring to controversial land deals involving Gandhi’s brother-in-law Robert Vadra.

There is a fundamental difference between Congress and BJP over the issue of farmers, Twivedi said, adding that while the former believed in waiving their loans and providing them short-term employment, his party is “committed to increasing their natural capabilities and strength”.

BJP ruled-states relaxed conditions for giving loans to farmers by bringing down interest rate to zero in several cases and the Modi government has come out schemes like crop insurance to protect them against any unforeseen farm, he said.

He also recalled the central government’s tough stand in the WTO talks in 2014 to “save” the interest of farmers to claim, “From the farms in villages to the global forum like WTO, the work of NDA government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi for farmers and its commitment to them is unparallelled.” For a party which could not understand the pain of farmers during its 56 years in governance to make such claims now, is “baseless and ridiculous”, he said.