BJP resents Pawan’s outbursts against PM, warns him to stop childish talk

BJP resents Pawan’s outbursts against PM, warns him to stop childish talk

Taking a serious exception to actor-cum-Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan’s baseless allegations against Prime Narendra Modi and national BJP leaders, Telangana State BJP spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao has clarified the BJP has no issue with anyone fighting for their rights or protesting in a peaceful and democratic manner. The BJP is a party, which truly upholds and respects democratic values.

In a pressnote here on Friday, Krishna Saagar Rao said the BJP strongly condemns Pawan Kalyan’s statements against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, national party leaders and I & B Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu. Pawan’s statements are unwarranted, baseless, immature and childish. No one, who understands the basic tenets of governance, will make such silly statements like Pawan made during his media conference today.


“Pawan Kalyan is a political opportunist and a twitter tiger. He was trying to ride a readymade wave, if someone can drive it. He has neither sincerity of purpose nor has maturity to address people’s concerns structurally. He lacks conviction to be in the midst of the people, whom he wishes to fight for. He is a part-time politician, who operates through press conferences and twitter”, he stated, adding that Pawan’s personal statements against Venkaiah Naidu only expose his bankruptcy of purpose and clarity of thought. Blaming the Prime Minister for rally permission in Vizag is something which only someone with Pawan Kalyan level of maturity can do, he added.


The BJP spokesperson also advised Pawan Kalyan to focus if he can, on real issues and fight if can, in the real world for real people, than occasionally waking up from his shooting schedules and make pointless, baseless and juvenile allegations against the BJP and its national leaders. (NSS)