BJP slams Congress for witch-hunting RSS

, 7:25 AM IST

Hyderabad: Telangana State BJP general secretary Chinta Sambamurthy has warned the Congress not to unleash propaganda against the RSS as part of its vote bank politics.

Sambamurthy, in a statement, lashed out at AICC leader Digvijaya Singh for his provocative and false comment against the RSS holding it responsible for terrorist activities in the country. He said the Congress was scornfully rejected by the people in the general elections as the previous UPA government had miserably failed to check corruption, irregularities and curb terrorism in the country.

Asserting that RSS was a patriotic organization, Sambamurthy said the Congress, right from the day of Independence, was criticizing the RSS. It was Congress that incited people against RSS as part of its vote bank politics, he alleged. (NSS)