BJP slams Trinamool Congress govt over ‘rampaging communalism’ in West Bengal’s Malda

, 4:37 PM IST

New Delhi: BJP on Tuesday attacked the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal over the “rampaging communalism” in Malda, alleging that the accused behind it are indulging in violence under its protection.

“Communalism is on a rampage in Malda. Police station has been burnt down, innocents are being attacked and there is mayhem… Those who are doing it are doing so under the protection of West Bengal government. It is not taking any substantial action,” Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said at a press conference.

A mob protesting against the alleged blasphemous comments by a right wing Hindutva leader had recently resorted to violence in the district.

Naqvi said it was a “very serious” issue as the violence had been going on for hours.

“People who have gone out of control and stoking communal tension must be dealt with severely to restore a sense of security,” he said, adding the government was soft on them.