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Blast in underground subway:Toronto

Blast in underground subway:Toronto

Toronto: Toronto downtown experienced sudden underground blast shaking Toronto’s financial District causing chaos.

An underground electrical fire has caused a series of “explosions” in downtown Toronto.

Sounds of multiple ‘explosions’ and clouds of smoke coming out of the subways has been witnessed by people on social media.

Toronto Fire Service confirmed that the fire began in an underground vault used to store electrical transformers and not by some terrorists attcak.

Though the Subway service was not affected, but police shut down the area near Bay Street and King Street for commuters.
Some buildings have also been evacuated because of the smoke.

“You don’t want to be in the smoke,” Toronto Fire Services platoon chief Kevin Shaw told media at a press conference.

A few minutes after the explosion, the blasts had died down but a BBC reporter on the scene said you could still here popping sounds “like popcorn” and smell acrid smoke in the air.

Mr Shaw said that the fire was “under control” and may have been triggered by damp weather.
No injuries are reported as such, as reported in BBC.