Caste discrimination at its peak, family sought blood from “High Caste donors”, slammed

, 9:55 AM IST

Hyderabad: A tweeter handle of @bloodplusapp belongs to Hyderabad based blood donors group Blood+ tweeted a weird but commonly sought demand of ‘blood from high caste donors’.

The tweet seeks “ONLY Kamma caste donors.” once again renewed a debate on caste-based discrimination in India.

However, according to Hindustan Times report, within minutes, the tweet triggered a controversy when people begin to show their anger and condemned the demand.

The incident may intensify the ongoing protests and nationwide debate on festering caste discrimination which had started over the death of PHd scholar Rohith Vemula in January followed by the flogging of four Dalit men in Gujarat by alleged cow protectors last month.

Sannaki Munna, who is the Secretary of Ambedkar Student’s Union said there was no surprise that dominant-caste people did not want to get their blood “contaminated”.

He further said, “there are upper caste groups which maintain WhatsApp groups for their own needs. May be instead of posting the requirement for blood in the Kamma caste group, the person might have posted in the general social media network.”

However, the Twitter handle of Blood+ called it an “accident” and apologized for the controversy.