Blue revolution ushering in Telangana: Talasani

, 9:14 PM IST

Asserting that the State Government was taking enough measures for the welfare of farmers, Agriculture Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav said that the government was promoting blue revolution in Telangana by spending Rs 46 crore.

After releasing fishes in Dharamasagar tank, the minister said that the state government was spending Rs 46 crore to supply fishes for as many as 4,689 tanks in the state. He said that the blue revolution is ushering in new employment opportunities. He accused the previous government of neglecting the fisheries sector and stated that the TRS government was committed to empower the fisheries economically. He said that the state government increased the fisheries development budget to Rs 100 crore saying that this shows the state government’s resolve to develop fisheries in the state.

The minister said that the state government would deal sternly with firms selling spurious seeds and asserted   that the state government was taking steps to help farmers. (INN)