Bomb explosion in Southern Lebanon Kills Local Palestinian Official in Lebanon

, 5:33 PM IST

Beirut: A huge explosion in the southern Lebanon city of Sidon has killed instantly a local Palestinian official from the Palestinian Fatah movement on Tuesday, Lebanese security officials said.

The man was identified Fathi Zeidan, Fatah’s security chief in the refugee camp of Mieh Mieh near Sidon.

The explosion occurred near the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh, where Fatah gunmen had a tiff with Islamic extremists. The Footage of the blast site showed a man’s body lying next to a burning vehicle.

Sources said.”His identification card was found near the car which exploded, which was also his,”adding it was unclear if Zaydan had been in the car at the time.

Ein El-Hilweh is the largest of 12 refugee camps in Lebanon . The tiny Arab country is
home to some 450,000 Palestinians. The camps are administered by Palestinian officials and security forces, rather than Lebanese authorities.