Boy murdered his 21-year-old girlfriend when she forced him to marry her two days before his marriage with the other girl

, 7:45 AM IST
--Courtesy "Indian Express"

New Delhi: According to the police, the body of a 21-year-old girl of Delhi University was found in a ventilation shaft of her boyfriend’s house. Naveen Khatri (22) abducted and killed his girlfriend two days before his marriage with other girl. Later, he was arrested.

FIR revealed that Khatri and his girlfriend, Aarzoo Singh were the students of Lakshmibai College. They were to marry but due to some reasons it was cancelled four months back. However, they continued meeting each other. The boy’s family arranged his marriage somewhere else. He claimed that his girlfriend was exerting pressure on him to marry her.

He allegedly abducted her from her college on 2nd February, two days before the date of his marriage and strangled her with a shawl near Indira Gandhi Airport. He brought her body to his house and put it in the shaft at his house.

The girl’s father, Sanjiv Chauhan lodged a missing complaint of his daughter on 2nd February. The boy was last seen outside the college with her. On this clue, police investigated and arrested him. He confessed during interrogation that he had killed her. Police are trying to find out if the other members of Khatri’s family had played a role in this crime.