Bracelets distributed among pilgrims, Qurbani tokens to be issued within 2 days

, 1:29 PM IST

Hyderabad: Distribution of bracelets, to be worn during Hajj days by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh pilgrims, has begun. Distribution of Qurbani tokens will begin in next two days. Muallim and Khadim ul Hujjaj has become active for this.

Special Officer Telangana Hajj Committee Prof. S A Shukoor told that each pilgrim will be given bracelet by the Muallim during Hajj days so that they can be easily identified. He urged the pilgrims to preserve the bracelet so that it will be convenient for them to reach their camp. He further informed that Qurbani tokens will be distributed among pilgrims within two days. Pilgrims had already deposited the Qurbani amount at the time of departure. Those who have not deposited the amount can get the token by depositing 460 Riyals in Al-Raji Bank. Special Counters will be set up in the bank for pilgrims.

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