Bride inherits millions after marriage to Saudi businessman

, 2:45 PM IST

Manama: An Arab expat woman living in Saudi Arabia has inherited SR67 million and a villa one month after she married a Saudi man.

The rich businessman without informing his whole family married the 22-year-old expatriate.

The formal marriage ceremony took place only in the presence of his brother and a close friend.

But, a one month after marrying the 22 year old bride, the man, whose age was reportedly not given, suffered a heart attack.

As per Saudi news site Al Marsad, the late groom’s family refused to recognize the marriage on the grounds that they were not aware of it.

The bride file a formal case and demand her part of the inheritance.

A court in the Red Sea city of Jeddah heard the case. Her lawyer produced the marriage certificate as evidence and called in the groom’s brother and friend to support the claim.

Finally, the court ruled in favour of the wife.