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Bride rejected Thane groom over recent mass murder incident

Bride rejected Thane groom over recent mass murder incident

Thane: After the mass massacre incident, the Thane town is finding it hard to shake off its new infamy. People are too worried to marry off their beloved daughters to Husnain’s village who mercilessly slaughtered 14 members of his family and later hanged himself.

According to MidDay reports, at least two engagements have been called off because the girl’s families are too concerned about their daughter.

“We are concerned about our daughter. After hearing the news, we are scared and don’t want to visit the village ourselves. Then why should we send our daughter to such a horrific village for her entire life?”

Shaibaj Shaikh, 25, a sales executive at the local IDBI branch is one such groom whose engagement was called off days after the murders.


The only reason is that Shaibaj and his family lives just 100 metres from the murder scene.

“The reason for the refusal was weird. I had heard that people refuse proposals if the boy is a drunkard or jobless, or the family has a bad image. But this time it was something different — the murder has shaken the world,” he said.

“I agree that if I was in their place, I would also refuse a proposal for my sister in such a village. But why must others suffer for the crime of one person? We are not concerned about it, but our personal life is getting disturbed because of it,” added Shaibaj.

The breaking off marriage is entirely unexpected outcome of the incident.