Bride’s reaction when the minister threw up

Bride’s reaction when the minister threw up

New Delhi: A beautiful moment of a bride exchanging her vows with her groom were about to turn ugly when their minister suddenly threw up.
A video on YouTube went viral about the couple exchanging their vows.

All eyes were on the couple exchanging their vows when an unusual thing happened with the Minister.

When the bride was delivering her part to the groom looking him in his eyes in the video saying, “I promise to be your biggest advocate and your best friend”, and then the minister is seen suddenly throwing up turning her face.

The bride glanced at the Minister and turned away to look at her groom continuing with her vows. Poor Minister, some people are seen rushing to her help but then that really did not stop the wedding, and people’s attention was back to the bride.

She seemed calm in the video with no such reaction against the Minister.

“LOL! They will always remember this part,” says one commenter on the video. “It’s funnier the 15th time,” says another, as reported in NDTV.